Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Panic stations (well sort of)

I am in the midst of a fashion emergency.

Emergency in as much as it can be when it relates to one's wardrobe. You know what I mean.

Those who have been here before may recall that I am off to a wedding soon. Very soon in fact. It's on Saturday.

You may also recall that I had found some fabric which I thought would make a great dress. And the fabric had a lovely mothbally smell.

Well we (being me and the dressmaker) thought we had rid the fabric of the smell.

We discovered yesterday that after 4 vinegar washes, a weeks worth of airings and other handwashes with water and soap that the smell has not departed. Each time we washed it the smell seemed to go but came back again by the next day.

So today I have been to my 2 of my local shopping centres which contain 2 large department stores and lots of smaller speciality stores. No luck in finding the outfit of my dreams. Largely to do with the fact that I am larger than I need to be (see my previous post).

I had a quick look at my local spotlight. Which is huge. Little B cracked it shortly after arrival (which was kind of understandable) so I did not get a decent look. I was frankly overwhelmed too.

I dont really have a back up. Damn. Bugger. Sh*ite. F*ck.

Oh well there is always tomorrow. 2. 5 shopping days to go!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time to get brutally honest

Inspired by Jo, Elisha and alsoLeo I have decided to get serious about this weight loss, food control and exercise business.

A few things have motivated me to get to this point.

The obvious one is that I am overweight. According to the informative (read slap a cold fish in your face kind of informative) BMI index, I am in fact obese. And it does not feel good. At all.

As a matter of practicality I need to get back into some of my pre pregnancy work clothes by mid June. At the moment things fit but not in a nice way. Muffin top anyone? I suspect clothes may not ever fit me in the same way they used to in some parts (enter here pancake boobs and apron belly). I can accept that when all of the spare tyres are gone.

Exercise gives me clarity. I make decisions better with help from those endorphins. Life is more balanced when I exercise. I can take more on. I cope better. In light of my impending return to work I need to get back on my game.

And resume the feelings of joy I used to take from exercise.

I need to change my relationship with food. To see it as fuel more than comfort.

Little B is more and more aware of what we eat and how we live. It's time to set a good example for him and integrate consistently good eating and exercising habits into our lives. For good.

In coming clean, my main vices are soft drink, chocolate and fast food in particular KFC. And portion control in general.

I didn't put much weight on whilst pregnant. But in the first 3 months post baby I misjudged exactly how much extra I could eat when breastfeeding. I thought I would be one of those lucky women who the weight falls off when they breast feed!

Wrong! I am still carrying at least a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts around the middle. Oh well, lesson learned.

I have in the last month kicked the soft drink habit so that's one thing down.

Today I signed up to Calorie King to try and get my food diary happening.

Today as example is not good (something about the profiterole and muffin at mother's group leftovers from my neighbour's daughter's first birthday!). Doh!

There will definitely be tom morrow. I can't weight (pardon the pun!)

To market to market....

This morning we all woke up obscenely early so I drove Mr B off at work and dropped some paperwork off at the office whilst I was there.

On a whim I stopped off at the Queen Victoria Market to purchase some groceries on the way home.

I have not been there in a number of years. It is a journey I will be making into a weekly habit.

It was such a rejuvenating food shopping experience!

I could literally see the freshness in the ingredients. The prices were so reasonable.

It was a great interactive experience. Everything was at a level where Little B could see what was going on.

But the service was great too. The market holders could tell me which mushroom was more flavourful, what cut of meat was right for my recipe ideas and which bread would best suit the ham I bought from the deli 2 doors up!

My only regret was that I had not researched and decided on some new recipes before going! Next time for sure.

I managed to find some recipes to fit the ingredients I bought today. Tonight we are having chicken and leek rosemary hot pot from the CSIRO wellbeing cookbook!

Tomorrow is spaghetti bolognese and then the weekend osso bucco done in the slow cooker! I can't wait for the weekend to come!

Macro catch up - anticipation!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


The subject of tradition has continually crossed my path over the past few weeks.

I have been reading "Untangling My Chopsticks" by Victoria Abbott Riccardi. She wrote the book whilst living, teaching and learning in Kyoto, Japan. She describes and deciphers in great detail various traditional matters relevant to Japanese culture, the tea ceremony, the wearing of a kimono, the New Years' rituals. I am intrigued that the Japanese have continued to pass on information and abide by even the most simple of traditions for literally centuries.

I recently revisited this lovely post from Angry Chicken. I love the dresses she made but more importantly the idea behind them.

Our neighbours are celebrating Greek Easter and their daughter's first birthday this weekend. They are off at church at the moment and are about to break their fast by sharing a meal with their closest friends and family members. There is something lovely about the community getting together to share their traditions.

Another friend of mine who has a son the same age as Little B decided to start baking Anzac cookies on Anzac Day. A nice tradition I feel. Perhaps not good for the waistline but a delicious tradition.

On Thursday I came across this apron which my nanna made and gave to me about 10 years ago.

I very nearly threw this baby out a few years ago when I went through my obnoxious "must have everything new reject everything old school cos I can afford to" kind of stage.

I am so glad I didn't.

We don't have many traditions in our family. But one of the few is that my nanna quite often made aprons for us. As she lived far away it was a treat for us to go and visit in the school holidays. For as long as I can remember she would make aprons for us to wear at her place every year. It was always fun to turn up and discover exactly what she had come up with.

This apron was one that she made for me to use when Mr B and I moved into our new home. To me it was her recognising that I was moving into a new stage in my life. It is lightweight. The fabric is so unusual it has always drawn discussion from those in front of whom I dared wear it!

I am not sure whether or not nanna will be up to making one for me this time around. I hope so. I would dearly like to have her share the experience with me. So hopefully I can pass it one.

What traditions do you and your friends and/or family share? What is your favourite thing about those traditions? What keeps you honouring those traditions?

The fish that inspired me...A Macro perspective

Twas' this piece o lovely salmon that sang a siren song to only me earlier in the week.

I could not for the life of me get this pic into my post at 2.00am this morning!

Late night self indulgent musings

Just as I was finally drifting off to sleep to the dulcit tones of the rain falling on our roof (finally!) I heard the sounds of something furry nesting in the roof or wall just above our heads. Hopefully said ruffling was a possum rather than a rat or mouse. Mr B will be on the job first thing in the morning. But now I am most wide awake. I have had a somewhat unsettling few days and find myself pondering all sorts of things!

In no particular order:

Mr B and I watched the Illusionist tonight. A good but not great movie. Jessica Biel looked really different in that movie. Has she had some work done of late? A facelift, nose job or mouth job perhaps? Maybe it was just the make up. Not sure. I do have a penchant for Ed Norton. His accent was not so great in this particular movie. I do however forgive him as he is otherwise a most accomplished actor and director. Intelligent and Handsome. I would struggle to choose between him, Keanu Reeves and Justin Timberlake if they all presented themselves to me and Mr B granted me a get out of jail free card if you know what I mean??

I visited my friend the dressmaker for a dress fitting yesterday. Again a lovely morning. She's got the lining of the future dress fitting beautifully. The only annoying thing is that we have not been able to free my bargain fabric its mothball odour. Washing and airing has not done the trick. She was going to try a vinegar wash today after a spot test. If it does not come up trumps I am off to find an alternate fabric during the week which will make the dress a slightly more expensive proposition (but still not as expensive as a similar one I had seen in David Jones). Oh well. I need a new dress as put simply nothing in my (oh so extensive...) cocktail wardrobe fits these breastfeeding bajumbas anymore. Fingers crossed it works out.

Note - Martha Stewart if by chance you are reading this please please please drop me a comment with any handy hints you might have on getting rid of the smell.

Today our neighbours had a fire in their kitchen serious enough to warrant the calling of the emergency services. All were ok and the house was not apparently too seriously damaged thank god. Little B was sleeping and woke seemingly frightened by the smoke and noise. Which was comforting to me in a strange way. The incident did however prompt a check of our fire alarms this afternoon.

The normally very lighthearted, profane and sarcastically amusing mummy Kirsten of Ready or Not shared this post a couple of days ago. I have been pondering the situation ever since. And have decided I am so blooming thankful that I am who I am and I have what I have emotionally, physically and materially.

In other amazingly interesting news, Little B is just about to cut the last of 4 teeth in 2 weeks, developing a cold and is a bit all over the place sleepwise. He is seemingly in the midst of refining his crawling skills and I am getting up a number of times a night to free him from the corners of his cot where he is banging his head after trapping himself mid crawl. It still amuses me to see him up on all 4s but fast asleep!

I got the call I have been looking forward to and dreading at the same time this week. A child care place will be available for Little B shortly and I am set to start back at work in mid June for 2 days a week. I had been really looking forward to the idea of going back to work. I have been purchasing some new clothing for my return to work in the sales in anticipation of this date for a couple of weeks and had been so excited about it. Time in the real world just for me. Good coffee, adult company and conversation, corporate lunches, mental stimulation and some more cashola to boot.

But now. It's real. "So soon" I cried over and over again on Monday and Tuesday to Mr B. Too soon??? Am I being selfish? Am I making the right decision? Can we tread water financially for another few years until our childbearing years are finished. Will my career bear an absence of 4 or 5 years? Now I am not so sure I am doing the right thing leaving my little boy in someone else's care. Last week I left him for an hour with my mother in law and he cried his eyes out the whole time. What if he does not settle in?

My totally objective unbiased view is that Little B is an absolute darling, a sensitive funny child. Will the potentially dog eat dog world of child care change his personality for the worst or better? Will our generally extremely excellent sleeping/feeding routine be altered due to this change in our life?

I have about 6 weeks and have decided I will reassess closer to the date how I feel about these things. Mr B is so very supportive. He is prepared to do whatever I think is best for all of us.

So at this stage we are set to give it a go and see what happens.

I have been looking around at sewing machines. God it is an overwhelming process. Salespeople seem to all be interested in selling me things I just don't think I will use. And I am not sure how often I will use it so at this stage I am reluctant to spend too much money. As the title of my blog suggests I do have a habit of starting things and not finishing them! I have been tracking some second hand ones on ebay to get a feel for what thing sell for.

I am off to my nanna's house which is in Western Victoria next week. She is now in her mid 80s and all of a sudden her health has started to decline quickly. She is not up to travelling to visit us. I have, in the last week or 2, developed a real urge to go and see her. I want her to spend as much time with Little B as is possible. I am going set with a tape recorder and intend to take as much information as is possible down about her life if she is up for it. She is a very salt of the earth traditional homemaker - great cook and also a very proficient knitter and sewer. Hopefully she will be able to give me some tips and recipes.

To finish Mr B and I totally lapped up Baked Salmon for dinner during the week. I was inspired by seeing lovely lovely salmon at the fishmonger. It was just beautiful rich, orange and glassy. We are growing basil in the garden. It was so gratifying to cook with such gorgeous ingredients. Both Mr B and I felt so fortunate to be eating like kings. Just delicious. I highly highly recommend it even as a treat or special occasion recipe.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A relaxing weekend...

It's been a few days for a myriad of reasons.

Mr B "worked" from home Friday and yesterday which precluded me from really jumping on the computer and updating here.

He's been working rather hard and working from home gave him a little respite from the hustle and bustle of the office and the commute in and out of the city. It also gave him a chance to see what the day's routine looks like as he was to be on Little B duty Saturday night (more on that later).

Not sure really why I am keeping this blog a secret from him. Knowing him he already knows about it, he is a bit of whiz on the computer as he works in the industry! So honey if you are reading this I love you and it really isn't anything personal! And it probably explains all of the questions I have been asking you about blogs and html and google analytics and stuff like that.

Mr B Little B and I enjoyed some time out in the hills on Saturday. After we all woke in a funk early that morning I insisted that we jump in the car to go and watch the sunrise amongst the trees.

We all needed it.

Nothing like breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the bush waking to cleanse the soul.

I took the camera along to try and capture the morning's activity.

This has been one of the great things about the Macro Challenge.

I have been able to stop and check out the detail in what I am doing and where I am going.

Which is a new perspective for me.

Life before Little B was a big fat rush.

I really actually like having had to slow down.

Saturday evening saw me attend a hen's night leaving Mr B in charge of Little B. All went well on that front which was good!

A girly night was had by all, much champagne was consumed as we all learnt the basics of bellydancing with the lovely Andrea of Underbelly studios in Collingwood.

Just as well I have a more than ample belly (aka "the Apron") really.

It was good to get out with the girlies most of whom I struggle to catch up with post baby unless there is a special event like this. It made me think it was time to try and do it a bit more often!

There will be no incriminating photos however. What went on during the hen's night stays on the hen's night!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One step closer to action

Yesterday I had a fantastic day.

A friend of mine has just opened up her own dressmaking and alteration business called Ruby Dean. No website or anything yet. The paint is almost still drying it's that new! I am full of admiration for this woman, I think it is such a brave thing to back yourself and start up a business as she has done. For those of you (many readers he he) in Victoria most particularly outer east the shop is on the main street of Monbulk. More details to come.

Anyway I took my bargain fabric together with a dress which I thought would be a good pattern inspiration, packed a lunch for Little B and I and tracked up to see her and check out the shop.

We chit chatted, she came up with some great ideas for the dress and I picked her brain on lots of sewing bits and pieces. As we talked she effortlessly continued about her way, drawing up patterns, cut fabric using the sewing machine. Inspirational.

We talked about the possibility of me taking some lessons from her.

Which would mean me having to acquire a sewing machine.

I am feeling a ball of excitement whell up in my tummy which is such a suprise!

I am not sure where and how I will go about getting the machine. I don't know anything about them really.

But its something new. And I am ready for it!

If there are any sewers reading this how did you come across your beginner's machine? What was it? Do you have any suggestions?

Macro photo number ?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On my desk and a macro shot.

Morning y'all!

It would seem I am now firmly in the habit of waking up to watch the sun rise. I actually kinda like it. The world is so lovely and quiet this time of day - I feel alot of hope about the day to come.

My desk has not changed much since last week. Save for one thing.

Inspired by the contributors at I Op therefore I am I have been getting to know my local op shops.

Its a fun activity which I have been enjoying immensely. I find myself regularly thinking "Tell em their dreaming" especially at the Salvos who seem to be a bit more pricey than most other Op shop outfits. (The reference, for those not in the know is a quote from one of my favorite movies "the Castle").

It's funny how life turns full circle really. In my childhood and teens opshopping was fun and cheap entertainment, a time to find treasures. It was an activity I enjoyed a lot with my nanna when visiting my aunt who worked at her local St Vinnie's. In my 20's I turned my back on the humble op shop instead preferring to acquire stuff new a sign of my new found income and what I then felt was prestige and positioning in the world.

And now with more time, less resources and hopefully a wiser head on my shoulders I am again enjoying the challenge of opshopping. I still love the thrill of finding a treasure. I also now really like the idea of recycling and not contributing to the world's need to make more new stuff.

I managed to pick up what I think was a bargain at my local op shop late last week, some fabric.

It is, I think, some taffeta. I can't be sure really I am still learning the ways means and types of fabric. It is red on one side and black with the red sort of shining through on the other. I picked up 7 metres of the stuff ( 1 metre wide) for $7.

I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks time and am hoping it is the right kinda stuff to make a little cocktail dress. Since having little B my dimensions have changed and I don't fit clothes like I used to so I am thinking it might come in handy. I am off to the dressmaker to find out!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Funday

Today's Funday Monday challenge is being hosted by Nekked Lizard in which she challenges us to:


Any 5 (FIVE) pictures, any subject, and any 5 (FIVE) words to describe and/or explain each picture."

"Is this my good side??"

"I can't believe we're REALLY HERE!!!"
"Thank god she said yes"

"So good to head home"

" What a lovely surprise - Thanks!"
(the latter also doubles as one of my very behind contributions to the 30 in 30 Macro challenge!)

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The morning after the night that was....

Urgh. It is waaaaaaaaay too early on a Sunday morning for me to be sitting here. Through bleary eyes I share with you the following important points:
  • Espresso martinis are good for those who are returning to the occasion of drinking after an absence. A caffeine hit and alcohol at the same time can be good for those who may be otherwise predisposed to go to sleep after one beverage.
  • Too many espresso martinis are not so good as they may inhibit one's ability to go to sleep when they are ready to after drinking them.
  • A teething and unsettled baby and the aftermath of the aforementioned espresso martinis is really really not so good.
  • A toasted cheese sandwich after unsettled night post espresso martini does not really cut the mustard. Why oh why do I not keep bacon in the house????
Thanks to those who made comments on my ramblings.

It's been a few days for lots of reasons.

My trip to the dentist did not yield happy results. I have to go back for a couple of fillings. Something to do with the acid bath my teeth often enjoyed during my pregnancy journey. Me and my good friend valium will be going back to get those fillings next Monday.

Little B has been teething which has not been much fun for him and less sleep than usual for me! One tooth through another to go. Woot!

Mr B took the day off on Thursday to hang out. I have not told him about this blog yet so did not get to the pc to update. We had a lovely time doing not much with Little B.

Friday Little B and I spent part of the day lending moral support to some friends of mine who undertook the Oxfam Trailwalk . They have only just finished after nearly 38 hours of walking! I seriously admire these people. Like uh, seriously! And for such a good cause too.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I have not had a great hair cut in a while. You know how you just meander through life going to the same hairdresser time and time again?? That was me. I changed hairdressers and boy am I happy with the result! It's amazing how a good haircut makes one feel so different.

Inspired by the very brave
Jo I went to the gym 3 times last week! Two pump classes and a general cardio work out. I felt good afterward however fear any positive effects of said work outs may have been totally erased by my consumption last night!

Last night we celebrated my bestie's 30th birthday. As you may glean from the above I enjoyed a bevo or two. The martinis and company were great! So very refreshing to get out and do adult things again!

My mind did however keep pondering the same question during the course of festivities

Exactly what business do brussel sprouts have hanging out in a mixed antipasto?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Early morning ramblings and on my desk...

Well I am up very early this morning (its nearly 5.00am, have been cruising around catching up on my feeds for about an hour).


I suspect its a combination of things. I am still adjusting to daylight savings finishing as is Little B who has been up at around this hour for a feed and a cuddle over the last few days.

I am off to the dentist for a checkup today too. I really really really really don't like the dentist.

Something about laying back there with my mouth open makes me feel very vulnerable, a feeling I first had when I was very young and had to have alot of fillings done over quite a few sessions. I have got better over time as has my dental health. However one of the quirky side effects of my pregnancy has been that my teeth have moved - I am a grinder and wear a splint to bed at night - it no longer fits me - and I am a teeny bit anxious about why that is.

I have also been worrying about my finishing maternity leave and returning to work in the middle of the year. When I finished up paid work last year I was not so sure if I still liked my job and was considering resigning altogether to pursue something different. I had no idea what that was going to be. I have worked full time in my industry since getting into university, usually a 60 - 70 hour week and felt really worn out.

My time away from the job has been rejuvenating in so many ways. I have discovered that I am not my job. I do my job. I have relaxed enormously. I have enjoyed slipping into the shoes of motherhood making them fit and in the process becoming more

I am ready to return to the job and attempt it part time in my new shoes. I really did like the stimulation and excitement of the actual job, just not the stress of it. I am hoping to go back 2 days a week and if necessary will work from home half a day a week. My role will be quite different and I am hoping that will help ease the stress considerably. For one thing I will simply not be able to commit the hours required as I previously did. I am looking forward to other things about being back at work, having the extra money, having a little time to myself and being able to catch up with my friends who all work in the city.

The logistics of it all are a bit overwhelming. We live about 35 minutes from the city. Both the hubby and I work in the city.

Finding a child care place of some kind for Little B is the biggest challenge. The options seem to be to pop him in care in the city or close to home. To get a place in the city one has to endure waiting lists of approximately 2 years! That's right, people, you have to decide on your first date whether or not you might procreate together and pop the name of your future babe on the list! At this stage I have not even bothered going down that road.

There are not many places available in my local area either. Frankly I would not put my dog in some of the larger commercial child care centres I have seen since the middle of last year. All places have waiting lists closer to home too. Little B is on 2 waiting lists but I have not heard anything about a place being available despite my making fortnightly check up calls. Perhaps I need to graduate to popping in with morning tea or bearing other small gifts! My council won't take inquiries about family day care until about a month away from when you want the care so I am not yet able to pursue that avenue either. The uncertainty of it all is really getting to me.

I am moreso worried about how Little B might go being placed into care. We have so far spent a lovely 8 and a bit months together, mostly on our own. He is developing into a happy carefree little boy. He is developing a sensitive side which is showing itself more and more. We attend a mother's group weekly which is comprised of kids his age. Over the past few weeks I have observed that he is genteel with the other children, but likes his space and does not always welcome the advances of the other kids (some of whom are particularly gregarious!). Perhaps it is just a phase. Perhaps not. I worry how he will develop as part of a group of between 4 and 10 children.

Part of me feels very guilty about going down this road. About wanting to return to work. About wanting a little time for me. About putting Little B in care. Another part of me knows that if I don't return or at least try the return to work I am not likely to be the happiest camper which wouldn't be the best for Little B either.

It will sort itself out one way or another. I know that in my heart of hearts. Many parents have found themselves in this situation before me and Mr B.

The cool morning air makes it easier to think these sorts of things through.

If you have made it to the end of this long self involved post thank you!

Here is what is on my desk early this Wednesday morning:

Again not the greatest photo. And I suspect certainly not as interesting as others including Curlypops .

The Tupperware jug is a recent op shop bargain! The Hoegarden glass a souvenir of one of our many trips to the Belgian Beer Bar.

The scales are there as I have been ebaying some of the possessions which have been cluttering our lives for some time!

At the back there is a book I have really found useful, The Wonder Weeks by Hetty Vanderijt & Frans Plooij. As the title suggests it sets out a bit of a road map of the weeks of a child's development during the first year. A friend lent me her copy and it has been really good. I highly recommend it if you are in the market for such a book and you can get your hands on a copy!

Well the world is a waking! The birds are just starting to call, the heater has just gone on and Little B has just woken too! Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 6 of 30

Its not the greatest shot ever. These are the last of the capiscums in our garden.

I love growing veggies and herbs. Especially now that I have time to cook more, it is so satisfying to just walk out the back door, pick something and cook it knowing where its come from and how its been treated.

Its time to turn my mind to winter vegetable planting. Any suggestions?

Interesting Monday challenge

Jo Beaufoix has issued a very amusing challenge, which is to tell the blog world about your first celebrity crush.

Upon reflection mine was, shall we say, interesting.

Whilst my friends were salivating over the likes of Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street or Jason Donovan or Craig MacLachlan from Neighbours I just loved loved LOVED Kevin Arnold (aka Fred Savage) from the Wonder Years (yes people that's right). An embarrassing blip on my adolescent radar? Upon reflection, perhaps.

To contextualise, the show aired over here in Australia in the 80s and we "grew up together" at roughly the same age.

My parents were tv nazis. No Neighbours or Home and Away. Definitely no 21 Jump Street.

That was fine. I just loved Kevin. I used to come home and watch the Wonder Years straight after school. It was my regular zone out. He was just such a great regular guy. With a regular family. With regular teen problems. With a funny friend Paul Cooper.

I so desparately wanted to be his Winnie Cooper. I wanted him to associate me with that lovely music. I desparately wanted her hair so I could flick it in the sunshine.

Admittedly he became less attractive as he got older. And I became less attracted to him.

But he will forever hold a special place in my heart. I heart you Kevin Arnold. I still do.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cynical? Moi?

I came across this article recently and wondered whether this is someone's attempt at having us all reduce our water consumption as a clumsy way of addressing the world's water crisis.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 5 of 30

Whilst I don't want to make this blog all about my family and friends all of the time I feel the need to share exactly how much joy I am taking from sharing Little B's discovery of the world with him.

This was the first day it has been cool and dry enough for him to get up close and personal in the garden. Only challenge was to stop him from putting everything in sight in his mouth!

Sunday Funday

Me and my bestie fifi spent some time today together for the first time in what seems like ages.

Background is we met at uni about 11 years ago and have since become great friends. The sort of friend that you can say anything to about anything. We are able to be truly frank with one another. About everything. She is probably the only person who I would trust to give me a truly honest answer to life's most serious question that is, whether or not my bum really looks big in those pants.

We used to work 2 doors away from one another. We would frequently sneak downstairs to our favourite cafe breadwell to steal a mid morning coffee break together to discuss whatever took our fancy on that particular day. The fruit toast there is fantastic by the way. Our time together always passed too quickly.

About 2 years ago we started sharing the joys of cycling together. We holidayed together in Perth and completed the Great WA bike ride together - which really challenged us but changed both of our lives in more ways for the better that we each would care to admit out loud.

Together we have discovered ourselves and the joy of being happy. And supported each other when not so happy. More recently whilst mostly wearing lycra bike shorts or spikey golf shoes. Who knew eh?

In the last 12 months life has changed for both of us. Alot. Little B was born into my life in August last year and my new job of motherhood has consumed me. Geographically my life is no longer near my old workplace. Fifi has entered into a new serious relationship with a fellow who lives on the other side of town.

These circumstances have meant that it has been hard to catch up as regularly as we used to. I have missed her physical presence terribly.

Today we had a perfect day together - 8 holes of golf in perfect weather (we were both played so badly we stopped counting and playing before the 9th!), lunch and gossip, a hot chocolate and more gossip and some shopping. We talked about everything. I really needed it. It was fantastic.

She is so very happy at the moment. Everything is falling into place for her.

She will next week turn 30.

When it finally comes time for me to share this blog with you - happy birthday fifi. I know we don't say it to each other but I really do love you.

I am so very glad that you are so very happy with your lot. I really really am.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 4 of 30

Day 3 of 30..

The simple things...

Day 2 of 30

During the storm.

Back on the horse....

Well I felt as though all of my blogalicious intentions went out the window when my hometown suffered a large wind storm 2 days ago which resulted in our having no electricity for a day and no home phone or internet for 2 days!

By this morning (day 2 no net) I was rather tetchy. I realised it was because I felt cut off from the world. I had not realised exactly how dependent I had become on the WWW.

So after a coffee and some navel gazing to the duclit tones of KD Lang (I find her very calming) I accepted my situation and got on with some of the things on my list of to dos that never quite get done whilst my little one is asleep due to my preferring to read blogs instead. I feel quite a sense of accomplishment having weeded the front garden, cleaned out my bookshelf, cleaned out some cupboards, paid our bills and balanced the cheque book!

So now I don't feel so guilty catching up on my feeds. And looking at some of the great photos entered by those participating in the 30 day macro challenge - I am still working on how to get the link to the page into my blog!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Macro shot a day....


Karin at Orange Flower (you might have to grab the link from my blog roll as I have not yet worked out how to insert the link to the site here!) has come up with a great project, shoot a picture a day with your camera in Macro mode.

Frankly I did not even know there was such a thing as macro mode on my camera. I am a point n shoot kinda gal. I have been looking to learn to consistently take a decent photo. It's not a skill I was born with.

Thank god I live in the digital age. I definitely would have wasted alot of cash on film and processing in the pre digital era!

Anyhoo I digress. Here is my first attempt. I just pointed and shot. No adjustments. I will see what I can do in that department in the coming days.

I quite like the texture of the floorboards and feel that the little fella just fits within the rule of 3. The pic is a bit grainy though. Not sure why. Maybe thats the whole idea of Macro.

The first day of the rest of my life???

So here I am.

After months of dropping into blogtown lurking and reading and spending more and more time here I decided to invite myself to become a citizen!

I am really not sure what exactly might end up here.

All I can say is that I feel as though my creativity is stirring after a very long dormancy. And I am looking forward to having fun with it.