Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time to get brutally honest

Inspired by Jo, Elisha and alsoLeo I have decided to get serious about this weight loss, food control and exercise business.

A few things have motivated me to get to this point.

The obvious one is that I am overweight. According to the informative (read slap a cold fish in your face kind of informative) BMI index, I am in fact obese. And it does not feel good. At all.

As a matter of practicality I need to get back into some of my pre pregnancy work clothes by mid June. At the moment things fit but not in a nice way. Muffin top anyone? I suspect clothes may not ever fit me in the same way they used to in some parts (enter here pancake boobs and apron belly). I can accept that when all of the spare tyres are gone.

Exercise gives me clarity. I make decisions better with help from those endorphins. Life is more balanced when I exercise. I can take more on. I cope better. In light of my impending return to work I need to get back on my game.

And resume the feelings of joy I used to take from exercise.

I need to change my relationship with food. To see it as fuel more than comfort.

Little B is more and more aware of what we eat and how we live. It's time to set a good example for him and integrate consistently good eating and exercising habits into our lives. For good.

In coming clean, my main vices are soft drink, chocolate and fast food in particular KFC. And portion control in general.

I didn't put much weight on whilst pregnant. But in the first 3 months post baby I misjudged exactly how much extra I could eat when breastfeeding. I thought I would be one of those lucky women who the weight falls off when they breast feed!

Wrong! I am still carrying at least a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts around the middle. Oh well, lesson learned.

I have in the last month kicked the soft drink habit so that's one thing down.

Today I signed up to Calorie King to try and get my food diary happening.

Today as example is not good (something about the profiterole and muffin at mother's group leftovers from my neighbour's daughter's first birthday!). Doh!

There will definitely be tom morrow. I can't weight (pardon the pun!)

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Jogirl said...

Hi there, well done you! Congratulations of coming clean to the big wide universe...welcome to the club. Thank you for saying I inspire you, that was a lovely lovely compliment. I wont say it is an easy road, but one well worth taking. Good Luck and thank you for your comments and support regarding my depression, I need all the lovin I can get. You go girl !!!! xo