Monday, October 13, 2008

We interupt our regular programming...

... or should I say I am sorry but we momentarily changed the channel around here at Chez PI!

Thanks to those of you who touched base to check that we are still alive we are still here thanks for asking!

It's been a while. Adjustments all round in our household but for the better. Without a doubt.

On the upside

Deliberate Hugs and Kisses
More words
Almost walking
Banana smoothies
Playing outside
Power tools - should you need a chick to do your drilling or your sawing - I am now your gal!
Shovelling and more shovelling - gravel, dirt , whatever!
Training for Around the Bay
Hard Rubbish Gold (more to come later!)
Blog lurking.

On the more challenging side

First haircut (ohh the pain the pain the pain of seeing those baby curls go)
The worlds slowest molars - 4 in a month - enough already!
Snot all round
Limited and interrupted sleep (see my comment about said molars!)
Adjusting to said routine
Slow internet

In recent weeks I also received a bit of a wake up call, a reminder about enjoying life whilst you still have it. Luckily the situation did not effect me or my family members personally but it was enough to shake me in my boots and remind me to not sweat the small stuff so much. The situation also taught me to go and get any niggling medical complaint checked out without delay. To trust my gut. Get a second opinion if unhappy with a diagnosis. To get my affairs in order.

To stop procrastinating and start doing.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Love Fridays

Waking. Feeling good.
Fresh Air. Cool and dark.
Watching the sun rise.
Listening to the birds call.
Smelling spring.
Planning the weeks meals.
Writing a to do list.
Feeling calm happy and purposeful.
Anticipating family fun day and a long weekend together - Mr B has the day off!
For now, to market to market...jiggety jig!
Do join Big Cat in some Friday lovin'!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is....what I do in a spare 10 minutes

Late again!!

Aside from the obvious - lurking in blogtown, I like to spend my spare minutes looking at what can probably be described as....

... food porn.

No no no no - Mr B and I do not have a penchant for doing strange things with vegetables and fruits and/or other food items. Not that there is anything wrong with that, let me hastily add, it's just not for us!

Since starting market shopping and proper meal planning, I have however developed a real love for looking for new recipe ideas. Not so much for baking but more for meal inspiration.

If I am out and about I will always pick up and salivate over gorgeous glossy cookbooks with glorious pictures. And then put said cookbooks down most of the time.

At home I do love Taste so easy - throw in your ingredients and usually out pops a selection of recipes you can make.

Another favorite is the Exclusively Food site. Great instructions, pictures and foolproof recipes. Check out their to die for Garlic Roast Chicken Recipe.

And a discussion about food sites cannot be left without mentioning Liesl's Stand Back and Throw Meals. What this woman can do with the contents of her cupboard, fridge and freezer to satisfy two young boys is delicious and entertaining!

Thanks to Hoppo Bumpo for coming up with this week's topic and to Sharon for guest hosting This is!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is.. my favourite band

Again a belated post...but a post nevertheless.

My favourite band of all time is definitely the Bee Gees. Notwithstanding their questionable fashion sense! Original photo from here!

My parents loved the music of the Beegees, a love which started during their Saturday night fever rise to worldwide fame. Their music permeated our house during my early childhood years. The music is still catchy and uplifting.

I still have a real soft spot for the Saturday night music era and am saddened by the fact that I did not see them live in concert prior to the passing of Maurice Gibb in 2003.

Thanks so much to Curlypops for coming up with this week's theme and to Haidmaiden for keeping an eye on the meme whilst
Angela is away!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Love Fridays

A belated love Friday post here

A day at home
Introducing Little B to the garden now that he is more aware
Warm spring filled air birds singing dogs playing
Battling weeds, discovering surviving plants from last year
Clearing old and planning new garden
Surprise flowers from the hubby
Opening new CD excitedly and with anticipation as a child would open a christmas present or a premenstrual woman might crack a block of chocolate!
Elation and no definitely disappointment as a familiar calming voice croons new tunes through the evening airwaves (Kd Lang Watershed, love it)
Fresh sushi goodness for dinner from my favourite japanese restaurant, first time in years!

All reasons why I do love Fridays!

Head over to Big Cat to see why else we love Fridays!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm all thumbs!

I am decidedly not technologically minded.

For those of you whose email address may have found its way into my address book following my making a comment on your blog, my profuse apologies to you as it is likely that you have or are likely to receive, an invite to Link In with me!

A case of my ticking the wrong box and Little B pressing enter has lead to invites to being sent to everyone I have emailed in the last couple of years including ebayers, freecyclers and bloggers!

So, if you have received an invite, I would love to Link In with you, but apologise to you if you are not into that kind of thing!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Getting into the groove of spring!

Life is settling down for us and boy it feels good!

Earlier this week Little B and I managed to get to the Vic Market to do some fresh food shopping. Boy do I appreciate the fortune of living in this country and being able to purchase lovely fresh meat, fruit, veg and deli goods. The sights and smells of the market and the better than average supermarket quality produce were definitely things I had missed during the depths of winter

In other news, sadly, my annual dump driving and diving expedition has to date yielded nothing of note, not even an extra special special enema kit! Most disappointing as I actually set myself up with a dumpdiving kit - tools, towels, blankets and rope!

One of the things I have however been neglecting is the mail. So this morning it was with great excitement that I remembered that a small package was awaiting my attention! I only just remembered to take a photo of it before ripping it open!

A parcel full of lovely fabricy goodness from the delightful Curlypops! Oh the possibilities!!! Thank you so much Cam, what a lovely start of spring surprise!