Sunday, September 7, 2008

Love Fridays

A belated love Friday post here

A day at home
Introducing Little B to the garden now that he is more aware
Warm spring filled air birds singing dogs playing
Battling weeds, discovering surviving plants from last year
Clearing old and planning new garden
Surprise flowers from the hubby
Opening new CD excitedly and with anticipation as a child would open a christmas present or a premenstrual woman might crack a block of chocolate!
Elation and no definitely disappointment as a familiar calming voice croons new tunes through the evening airwaves (Kd Lang Watershed, love it)
Fresh sushi goodness for dinner from my favourite japanese restaurant, first time in years!

All reasons why I do love Fridays!

Head over to Big Cat to see why else we love Fridays!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

I love the sound of your Friday too. Its nice to finally be able to potter in the garden.

BigCat said...

It's sounding good, your Friday. Glad to hear that things are much improved from a few weeks back.