Monday, October 13, 2008

We interupt our regular programming...

... or should I say I am sorry but we momentarily changed the channel around here at Chez PI!

Thanks to those of you who touched base to check that we are still alive we are still here thanks for asking!

It's been a while. Adjustments all round in our household but for the better. Without a doubt.

On the upside

Deliberate Hugs and Kisses
More words
Almost walking
Banana smoothies
Playing outside
Power tools - should you need a chick to do your drilling or your sawing - I am now your gal!
Shovelling and more shovelling - gravel, dirt , whatever!
Training for Around the Bay
Hard Rubbish Gold (more to come later!)
Blog lurking.

On the more challenging side

First haircut (ohh the pain the pain the pain of seeing those baby curls go)
The worlds slowest molars - 4 in a month - enough already!
Snot all round
Limited and interrupted sleep (see my comment about said molars!)
Adjusting to said routine
Slow internet

In recent weeks I also received a bit of a wake up call, a reminder about enjoying life whilst you still have it. Luckily the situation did not effect me or my family members personally but it was enough to shake me in my boots and remind me to not sweat the small stuff so much. The situation also taught me to go and get any niggling medical complaint checked out without delay. To trust my gut. Get a second opinion if unhappy with a diagnosis. To get my affairs in order.

To stop procrastinating and start doing.