Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Panic stations (well sort of)

I am in the midst of a fashion emergency.

Emergency in as much as it can be when it relates to one's wardrobe. You know what I mean.

Those who have been here before may recall that I am off to a wedding soon. Very soon in fact. It's on Saturday.

You may also recall that I had found some fabric which I thought would make a great dress. And the fabric had a lovely mothbally smell.

Well we (being me and the dressmaker) thought we had rid the fabric of the smell.

We discovered yesterday that after 4 vinegar washes, a weeks worth of airings and other handwashes with water and soap that the smell has not departed. Each time we washed it the smell seemed to go but came back again by the next day.

So today I have been to my 2 of my local shopping centres which contain 2 large department stores and lots of smaller speciality stores. No luck in finding the outfit of my dreams. Largely to do with the fact that I am larger than I need to be (see my previous post).

I had a quick look at my local spotlight. Which is huge. Little B cracked it shortly after arrival (which was kind of understandable) so I did not get a decent look. I was frankly overwhelmed too.

I dont really have a back up. Damn. Bugger. Sh*ite. F*ck.

Oh well there is always tomorrow. 2. 5 shopping days to go!


Jogirl said...

Hi Belinda,
What is your address? What is your size??? I have a lovely dress I am happy to express post it to you to wear if you like, email me before midday tomorrow and I will send it..

BigCat said...

Have you tried checking that book by Shannon Lush called Spotless. She is the wiz when it comes to dealing with stains, etc. I thought she might have a moth ball solution.

Good luck.

Jogirl said...

Hi there, sorry I didnt get back to you, my bloody email wasnt working and I didnt get your email till late. I hope you still had a lovely time, please post some photos, just let me know if you need the dress another time...I would be happy to lend it to you.
Cheers Jogirl