Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Interesting Monday challenge

Jo Beaufoix has issued a very amusing challenge, which is to tell the blog world about your first celebrity crush.

Upon reflection mine was, shall we say, interesting.

Whilst my friends were salivating over the likes of Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street or Jason Donovan or Craig MacLachlan from Neighbours I just loved loved LOVED Kevin Arnold (aka Fred Savage) from the Wonder Years (yes people that's right). An embarrassing blip on my adolescent radar? Upon reflection, perhaps.

To contextualise, the show aired over here in Australia in the 80s and we "grew up together" at roughly the same age.

My parents were tv nazis. No Neighbours or Home and Away. Definitely no 21 Jump Street.

That was fine. I just loved Kevin. I used to come home and watch the Wonder Years straight after school. It was my regular zone out. He was just such a great regular guy. With a regular family. With regular teen problems. With a funny friend Paul Cooper.

I so desparately wanted to be his Winnie Cooper. I wanted him to associate me with that lovely music. I desparately wanted her hair so I could flick it in the sunshine.

Admittedly he became less attractive as he got older. And I became less attracted to him.

But he will forever hold a special place in my heart. I heart you Kevin Arnold. I still do.

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Jo Beaufoix said...

I'll add you straight away. I thought he was cute too. :D