Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Funday

Me and my bestie fifi spent some time today together for the first time in what seems like ages.

Background is we met at uni about 11 years ago and have since become great friends. The sort of friend that you can say anything to about anything. We are able to be truly frank with one another. About everything. She is probably the only person who I would trust to give me a truly honest answer to life's most serious question that is, whether or not my bum really looks big in those pants.

We used to work 2 doors away from one another. We would frequently sneak downstairs to our favourite cafe breadwell to steal a mid morning coffee break together to discuss whatever took our fancy on that particular day. The fruit toast there is fantastic by the way. Our time together always passed too quickly.

About 2 years ago we started sharing the joys of cycling together. We holidayed together in Perth and completed the Great WA bike ride together - which really challenged us but changed both of our lives in more ways for the better that we each would care to admit out loud.

Together we have discovered ourselves and the joy of being happy. And supported each other when not so happy. More recently whilst mostly wearing lycra bike shorts or spikey golf shoes. Who knew eh?

In the last 12 months life has changed for both of us. Alot. Little B was born into my life in August last year and my new job of motherhood has consumed me. Geographically my life is no longer near my old workplace. Fifi has entered into a new serious relationship with a fellow who lives on the other side of town.

These circumstances have meant that it has been hard to catch up as regularly as we used to. I have missed her physical presence terribly.

Today we had a perfect day together - 8 holes of golf in perfect weather (we were both played so badly we stopped counting and playing before the 9th!), lunch and gossip, a hot chocolate and more gossip and some shopping. We talked about everything. I really needed it. It was fantastic.

She is so very happy at the moment. Everything is falling into place for her.

She will next week turn 30.

When it finally comes time for me to share this blog with you - happy birthday fifi. I know we don't say it to each other but I really do love you.

I am so very glad that you are so very happy with your lot. I really really am.

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