Sunday, April 13, 2008

The morning after the night that was....

Urgh. It is waaaaaaaaay too early on a Sunday morning for me to be sitting here. Through bleary eyes I share with you the following important points:
  • Espresso martinis are good for those who are returning to the occasion of drinking after an absence. A caffeine hit and alcohol at the same time can be good for those who may be otherwise predisposed to go to sleep after one beverage.
  • Too many espresso martinis are not so good as they may inhibit one's ability to go to sleep when they are ready to after drinking them.
  • A teething and unsettled baby and the aftermath of the aforementioned espresso martinis is really really not so good.
  • A toasted cheese sandwich after unsettled night post espresso martini does not really cut the mustard. Why oh why do I not keep bacon in the house????
Thanks to those who made comments on my ramblings.

It's been a few days for lots of reasons.

My trip to the dentist did not yield happy results. I have to go back for a couple of fillings. Something to do with the acid bath my teeth often enjoyed during my pregnancy journey. Me and my good friend valium will be going back to get those fillings next Monday.

Little B has been teething which has not been much fun for him and less sleep than usual for me! One tooth through another to go. Woot!

Mr B took the day off on Thursday to hang out. I have not told him about this blog yet so did not get to the pc to update. We had a lovely time doing not much with Little B.

Friday Little B and I spent part of the day lending moral support to some friends of mine who undertook the Oxfam Trailwalk . They have only just finished after nearly 38 hours of walking! I seriously admire these people. Like uh, seriously! And for such a good cause too.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I have not had a great hair cut in a while. You know how you just meander through life going to the same hairdresser time and time again?? That was me. I changed hairdressers and boy am I happy with the result! It's amazing how a good haircut makes one feel so different.

Inspired by the very brave
Jo I went to the gym 3 times last week! Two pump classes and a general cardio work out. I felt good afterward however fear any positive effects of said work outs may have been totally erased by my consumption last night!

Last night we celebrated my bestie's 30th birthday. As you may glean from the above I enjoyed a bevo or two. The martinis and company were great! So very refreshing to get out and do adult things again!

My mind did however keep pondering the same question during the course of festivities

Exactly what business do brussel sprouts have hanging out in a mixed antipasto?


CurlyPops said...

I've never had an espresso martini so I might just have to try one!

Belinda said...

I highly recommend it - they do a mean one at the Panama Dining Room, Smith Street, Collingwood!