Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Am I facing off a spider? Stuck in the dark? In a confined space?

No. I am sitting here staring down a children's smock pattern.

I have 3 little girlfriends each under 5. I have for some time been thinking I might make each of them a smock or apron as a birthday gift (all birthdays are coming up in the next month).

I have read the pattern and get the construction part of it (or so I think!). It is primarily straight line sewing. A bit fiddly on the sleeves perhaps. I am relatively confident I can handle the actual sewing.

I recently purchased a selection of girlie fabrics at the Spotlight stocktake sale.

So theoretically I am ready to rock and roll.

But feeling scared to go any further.

This creating thing does not come naturally to me.

Sounds silly but I am worried about making a wrong decision. Mis matching fabrics. Sewing a wonky line. Not producing a perfect end result.

Being exposed. Anxious about "going public" with my new hobby and very new skills. A new persona. Am I still in any way the old (perfectionist, hard ar*sed, cynical, overtly assertive, long hours working, dogged, loud laughing) me? Who is the new me?

Eekk! Whoa! I did not see that coming! I did not realise I was even looking in the direction of my navel! Apologies for the (unexpected) heaviness of this post!

I think it is time for a bath and bed. And a new start in the morning.

Just out of interest - how do you feel when you start your new projects? How do you get your inspiration, your mojo flowing?


My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

I can start the projects, but I have trouble finishing them.


CurlyPops said...

I think the hardest thing is to just start. Each time I've made a handmade gift, I can see the wonky seams or the bit that I unstitched and re-did but the person receiving the gift never notices any of it. If you think about it from their point of view, it's just lovely to receive a handmade gift.

Jogirl said...

You know what..I think you are putting way to much pressure on yourself..I cant even sew for gods sake and I own a sewing machine (useful for mum when she needs to fix something on her visits).
You maybe have to look at it another way..these three little girls will LOVE their beautiful and original dresses..and lets be honest they will have them on 5 mins and then have cake all over them! They will not care that you didnt match the fabric or sew a straight line, they will just love them because you went out and chose the fabric particularly for their personalities and that you spent the time to make them with your hands and with a big dash of love..and their mums...will gush because they didnt do anything quite so lovely..so get up and give it a go...and please post the pics so I can see..cheers Jogirl

BigCat said...

I struggle with it too. Particularly with sewing for some reason. I find it more intimidating than other crafts. My best friend said to me recently - just start. I think it's the way to go. And give yourself permission to stuff it up. No harm will come of it. Just some good old learning.

fiona said...

just jump in! you are making something, its handmade it dosnet need to be pefect! try not to think about it too much:)cant wait to see how you go..

Nikki said...

Feel NO FEAR - it's just sewing. Nobody will get hurt if you make a mistake, and people will be happy if you give them something you've made, no matter what mistakes there are.

I teach a lot of beginners to sew, and fear is the greatest barrier to success that I can see. Lack of practise is the other one.. Just DO it, and do it OFTEN!!