Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My name is Belinda and I am a....


At this stage I have not been able to find a 12 step programme or any other kind of remedy for my addiction to participating in our local Freecycle group.

I joined a few months ago. All it took was registering with my local groups and then having emails sent to me containing information about goods on offer and goods sought.

If you are after something on offer you merely reply to the email offering the goods in question. Also reply if you have something somebody wants. Then wait to see if you have been the successful emailer! If you succeed you go and get the item in question.

It sort of like op shopping from your own home. With an auction feeling thrown in. Think battling the old lady in the op shop for that china cup and saucer. By email. I suppose it is a little bit more random in that you can't be sure exactly what you are getting until you pick the item you win up.

So far I have acquired some electrical cords, stationary, a sewing machine, some champagne glasses ,a toy electric car set, a tent and a huge bundle of queen sized and king sized bed linen.

All things (with the exception of the car set which I have gifted onto a neighbour) which I had been on the hunt for but had not had the funds to buy. So far I have not been disappointed.

Each day I scour my emails to see what is on offer. It actually is quite a useful way of reality testing - do I really need/want that?

I have also offered some things we don't use anymore and it has been great to receive
positive feedback from people who have really enjoyed the things they have received.

It is great to be part of a collective of people who are aiming to reduce the throwing out of perfectly good stuff around the world.

So if you have not already I do encourage you to go and join your local Freecycle group today! You never know what you might find.


Serena said...

Wow, a sewing machine.. what a great pick up... How many emails a day do you get from them?

PS, yeah, go to Amitie, but be warned.... you're likely so spend lots of money there... I know I always do

Belinda said...

I probably receive 100ish emails a day (I am a member of whole of Melbourne group which has 20000 or so members) more on a Sunday night after everyone has cleaned out their sheds over the weekend ;) I have set up a separate email folder for the freecycle emails to stop them taking over my normal day to day email account!

BigCat said...

I've been thinking about it. That's just the push I need.

Nikki said...

I tried to join a local freecycle group a year or so ago, and never heard back from anyone at all....?? What did I do wrong that they don't want to bombard me with emails?

Belinda said...

Hmm, Nikki, not sure what has gone wrong there! Perhaps try joining again (the Melbourne group is the biggest so might be a good start) which is at this address http://groups.yahoo.com/group/melbourneozfreecycle/ - you need a Yahoo address - but you should definitely get a response, then you can decide whether you want to get emails or go to the message board every day! Good luck.