Friday, June 20, 2008

Elmo wishes you a happy weekend!

Thank you for those who provided me with their pep talks and empathy following my last post. I love the blogging community I really do.

I decided to do a trial run of the smock pattern to see how it might all turn out. Here is the result...

Mr B bought this fabric home from Spotlight a while ago. As an aside just quietly I think he is developing a thing for going there too...

The elmo fabric is a curtain fabric I think and the arms are a silky polyester turned inside out. The arms not all that practical but that was the only fabric I had which would match one of the colours in the elmo fabric.

I am relatively happy with the result, the arms did not end up matching up to the sleeve holes as well as I might have hoped, I think this is due to my imprecise cutting.

I also made the bias binding around the neck with a bias binding maker. How nifty are they? I was too scared to go around the neckline with bias binding by machine so did it by hand, the stitching ended up being a bit blurgh but it is covered up by the fact that the binding contains the elastic around the neck and is scrunched together.

All in all it did not take too long so I am feeling positive that I will definitely be able to make these for my little girlie friends. I am thinking a pocket might be nice on the front as a finishing touch.

Have a happy weekend!


BigCat said...

Wow. That looks fantastic. The only way is up now. You go girl.

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

Kids are going to freak out for them! Too cute.


Nikki said...

Great result!! And yes- the invention of the bias tape maker is one of man's greatest triumphs!

Corrie said...

ohhhh I know my daughter would love that.....she's a bit sesame street crazy at the moment! well done its super cute