Sunday, July 27, 2008

Late Love Friday...

Running late again!

This week I LURVED Friday as I got out in the glorious winter sunshine and participated in a women's golf clinic.

Mr B managed to swing a work from home day so my neighbour Christine and I could have some child free time! We were guests of the professional at a gorgeous private golf club.

It was a lot of fun. Also very confronting. I am still so out of shape! The ole' bod creaked and groaned at almost every pitch, putt and drive.

I have decided however that I could, in time, get used to being a lady who luncheons at the "club" after a round every week! Not that it is likely to happen any time soon! I don't think golf memberships at exclusive clubs are likely to come up on Freecycle too often!

One of the best parts was getting home, being greeted by Mr B and Little B (all still one piece no less!), putting the trackies on and the feet up.

I do love Fridays.

Thanks to Big Cat for coming up with this positive meme! Just the way to start the weekend!


CurlyPops said...

Isn't golf fab! You've inspired me to re-join my local freecycle...hopefully I'll find some great stuff.
Did you get my thankyou emails that I sent earlier this week?

BigCat said...

That sounds like a great Friday. I played golf a long time ago briefly. Hopefully I will get into it again one day or I might have to put my clubs up on freecycle.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

As I listen to the rain pelting down outside, your post about playing golf in the sunshine does sound wonderful!

Here's to clubhouse luncheoning and a bit of child-free time!

BigCat said...

I left you a comment that seems to have gone into the ether.

I'm glad you had a lovely Friday. That sunshine was beautiful.

Hope you have a great Friday this week.