Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On my desk...

Ok ok I know its only Tuesday but I am going to be out and about tomorrow so I thought I would post today.

Yesterday was cold and quiet and presented me the opportunity to sit down with the sewing machine for the first time since Barry serviced it (he was very impressed by the machine which for some reason made me even more excited!).

Mr B, Little B and I are invited and going to an apron party on Saturday. Mr B asked me to make an apron for him inspired by the character Domo who is apparently a very popular Japanese cartoon type character. Methinks Mr B (who is a tres creative arty crafty graphicy designy kinda guy) is way more cooler than I am as I had not ever heard of Domo before. You can read a bit more about the little angry weirdo here.

Anyhoo I had some brown polar fleece in my fabric stash ($1 for 3 metres of the stuff, op shop bargain yay) so I got to work in making a Domo apron for Mr B and also a mini one for Little B. So far I have come to the following realisations:

1. I need to acquire a quick unpick fast.
2. Ditto re marking chalk.
3. Make a pattern up before starting.
4. Polar fleece is not as hard to sew as first thought.
5. These things don't take as long as you think they will once you get going.

Anyway the work in progress is pictured in my on my desk photo.

The mouth is made of felt. I have to go and get some eyes from a crafty shop. And sort out some arms. The arms on Little B's apron will probably be the tie around his waist. Mr B's apron is going to be a half apron so I just need to attach some arms (this is where think first sew second really applies, I should have really left a hole in each side seam to sew in the arms but I am probably not going to unpick it now as I finally got my lines straight!).

I also received an exciting package in the mail today - my Eastlink fun ride information. This Sunday Fifi and I are going to ride a leisurely 30km down Eastlink with (apparently) 10000 other riders. I am pretty excited as this is my first time back on the bike since having Little B 10 months ago. I only got excited late yesterday after heading to the gym and riding 30km on the stationary bike to satisfy myself I would make it. It will be the one and only time I will grace this god foresaken piece of road with my presence as I refuse to pay tolls to drive on a road in circumstances where the government of the day initially promised there would be none, but in the words of Marjorie (the fat fighters champion) from Little Britain "that's not for here!"

I am so not excited about the prospect of wearing lycra - my legs are sooooo white and my bum ALOT bigger than it was 18 months ago. I am hoping there will be lots worse out there. And that the weather will sort of be reasonable.

I also stopped by my local oppie (Lions Club, way more reasonable than my local Salvos) and picked up a bag of zips and clips for $5 and this framed Leunig print. I don't love the picture but the framing and mounting has been professionally done so I am going to use it to hang one of our European pics or a new family photo when I finally get around to printing some.

I hope your short week has started well!


BigCat said...

Renegade sewing. I love it. It makes me think I shouldn't have given up so quickly when my reversible clutch bag turned into a cushion. It was disheartening though.

CurlyPops said...

Wow, your work in progress is looking fabulous so far. Good luck with the bike ride...I don't envy you riding that far...

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

am never excited about wearing lycra. Neither is my behind.

Your aprons are beyond adorable. I am very impressed.


Sauntering Soul said...

I'm incredibly behind on most of my blog reading.....

I wish I knew how to sew! My mom keeps saying she'll teach me but it hasn't happened so far.

And lots of luck on the bike ride. I don't think they make lycra in a size that would fit my bottom. It would be too gross for the manufacturers to even consider the size it would take.

flossy-p said...

Your aprons are fantastic!

I can't remember who I picked this tip off, some clever crafty person on the internet, but instead of using marking chalk for your sewing projects, try using soap! You know when your bar of soap gets down to a thin sliver, well take it out of the shower, let it dry for a day or so, and then it's edges can be used to mark fabric. It's excellent because it gives a really fine line, you can use it against a ruler, it rubs or washes off, plus it smells really nice.

Obviously light coloured soap works well on dark fabrics, and then I use a yellow on white fabric, but having a few different colours is handy.

Good luck.