Saturday, May 31, 2008

Karma is surely whipping my sweet ar*e today..

It's only lunchtime. I am very tired and grumpy.

I had planned this weekend to comprise of:
1. A haircut; and
2. Mr B and his father getting some retaining walls up in backyard.

I spent yesterday measuring said retaining walls,calculating how much garden supplies would be required, then ringing around to get prices, then ordering wood, cement, bolts and hiring a post hole digger. My father in law just had to pick the digger up this morning. The other stuff was to be delivered. The idea being works would start here at about 9.00am. My father in law goes on holidays in a couple of weeks. This is the last weekend he can help.

That's how it should have been.

This is how it has been.

5.10am Little B wakes me up for feed comes to bed for said feed.
5.11am - 6.29am Little B feeds noisly. Neither of us return to slumber.
6.30am Little B decides he is not going back to sleep. Get up. Get Mr B up.
7.30am Go back to bed. No sleep.
9.00am Attend hairdresser for appointment I received text reminder for yesterday. No appointment booked. Chew out owner in front hairdresser salon. Vow never to go back and tell all and sundry who go there never to return. Mature I know.
9.01am Receive call from Mr B. Father in law can't find hire place. Chew Mr B out for not using common sense and direct him to look up phone book as.
9.08am Receive call from Father in law. He has no wallet so cant hire anything.
9.25am. Go to hire place and collect post hole digger. Ask if all is in order to take (ie all of the right bits there). Am treated like a stupid female. Am asked to sign blank credit card slip as security for return of tool. Refuse. Leave with having executed slip for hire per day price only. Small victory.
10.00am. Get home after hiring post hole digger. Stop for Maccas Breakfast on way. Momentary pleasure. Feel worse after doing finishing. Berate self for succumbing to takeaway in an attempt to fill an emotionally disturbed void.
10.01am. Discover timber, cement etc has been dumped on front path and nature strip thus requiring manhours to move all of the stuff down our driveway. Outwardly curse delivery driver and inwardly curse Mr B for not directing the delivery in the driveway.
10.10am. Unload wet washing for hanging. Discover tissue in Mr B's pocket has spread itself through washing. Inwardly curse Mr B.
10.11am. Trip over dog and drop washing. Have to rewash some washing due to it landing on dirt.
11.00am. Wonder what Mr B and father in law are doing.
11.01 - 11.30am Watch Mr B and father in law attempt to put the post hole digger together without success.
11.31 Ring hire place to see if they have any suggestions. Treated like a fool again.
11.32 Send Mr B and father in law to hire place with post hole digger for instructions. Place closes at 12.
11.40 Mr B and father in law have not left yet due to losing wallet and keys respectively.
11.42. Find keys and wallet and send hem on them on their way.
12.01 Receive call from Mr B. Got there just in time. Hire place admits has given wrong bits. No alternate digger available.
12.02 - 12.34 Ring around other hire places and eventually find post hole digger for twice price of initial one in faraway suburb. Ring Mr B and send him and father in law to collect.
12.35. Make Little B Vegemite sandwich for lunch. Absentmindly spread vegemite on bread as thick as butter.
12.36. Absentmindly serve said sandwich.
12.37. Discover vegemite sandwich smeared all over highchair and Little B.
12.38. Decide to make toasted cheese sandwich with sandwich maker. Open to find skanky bits of cooked banana everywhere. Curse Mr B who has eaten banana brevilles for breakfast every day this week.
12.39 - 12.45. Try and find happy place. Do not succeed. Open liquor cubpoard and carefully consider contents. Find nothing suitable.
12.46. Eat toasted cheese, tomato sauce and mustard sandwich. Again berate self for emotional eating.
12.47. Write off day and eat a couple of tablespoons of Nutella straight from jar.
And yes, if you are wondering, I did double dip. What about it?

It's now 1.28 and works still have not commenced as the menfolk are not yet home.

I am guessing it is just not meant to be!

How is your day going?


BigCat said...

What a shocker. I hope your day finished off much better.

I am just surfacing after 3 days of being completely bed ridden. And as you know I am supposed to be on holidays so I am feeling like Karma is whipping me also. I feel better now that I have someone to share the misery with.

Hopefully I'll be back out in the world soon and keeping my eye out for some Giant sales. Thanks for the heads up.

CurlyPops said...

Oh dear.....I had a much better day than yours!

Jogirl said...

Stop it, just stop it right now!
Ok I am now peeing in my pants..that is sooooooooooooo funny! I sooooooooo hear you...I am sending you all my patience.
Good Luck!

Serena said...

Oh, you poor thing.... Good on you for having a tanty to the Hairdresser, especially when they sent you a reminder... they must be tools...

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

I am sending you chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And messages by hunky men with bulging biceps.