Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is....what I do in a spare 10 minutes

Late again!!

Aside from the obvious - lurking in blogtown, I like to spend my spare minutes looking at what can probably be described as....

... food porn.

No no no no - Mr B and I do not have a penchant for doing strange things with vegetables and fruits and/or other food items. Not that there is anything wrong with that, let me hastily add, it's just not for us!

Since starting market shopping and proper meal planning, I have however developed a real love for looking for new recipe ideas. Not so much for baking but more for meal inspiration.

If I am out and about I will always pick up and salivate over gorgeous glossy cookbooks with glorious pictures. And then put said cookbooks down most of the time.

At home I do love Taste so easy - throw in your ingredients and usually out pops a selection of recipes you can make.

Another favorite is the Exclusively Food site. Great instructions, pictures and foolproof recipes. Check out their to die for Garlic Roast Chicken Recipe.

And a discussion about food sites cannot be left without mentioning Liesl's Stand Back and Throw Meals. What this woman can do with the contents of her cupboard, fridge and freezer to satisfy two young boys is delicious and entertaining!

Thanks to Hoppo Bumpo for coming up with this week's topic and to Sharon for guest hosting This is!

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

I'm a big fan of food porn (er, I mean poring over nice recipes!). I love the Taste website, but haven't seen Exclusively Food before. Thanks for sharing the link - it looks really fabulous. I'm going to have to try that roast chicken. Sounds even better than Jamie's version.

My recipes are a complete shambles, but thanks for the mention anyway!