Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank you fans and air conditioners!

I am finally getting around to accepting to some blogging awards which I have been lucky enough to receive in recent weeks.

Lovely ladies Hoppo Bumpo and Curly pops each sent me the Happiness award which requires me to reel off 6 things about which I am happy about right now.

Oakalie doakalie, here goes:

1. Week one of work has gone so well. Helped enormously by the fact that our little angel has settled in just so well no tears and no tantrums. I am definitely finding my groove and enjoying my two days a week of get out of bed/get dressed/put makeup on/get bum out of house/child to child care/work 8 hours/go to relaxed lunch/drink coffee slowly thing. I am seriously a different and much more balanced woman!

2. It's raining. Go Melbourne's water storages go!

3. I received some lovely feedback from the recipients of the bibs crafted during Bib-o-rama! I ended up packaging them up as a suprise filling in some nappy cakes. Gotta love the good ole' youtube tutorial. A bit stupidly I forgot to take decent photos of all of the finished cakes but here are some bibs.

4. I am really excited about and looking forward to learning some new things, meeting some new people and seeing new places this weekend!

5. We have made plans to head to Queensland to visit some friends later in the year. They are putting us up so it's also a cheap holiday! Built in babysitters too (mwoah mwoah hahahahaha)(evil laugh he he he)! Yay!

6. Ricky Martin has become a father to twins by a surrogate mother. Whilst surrogacy is not a new concept, and can be fraught with difficulty, it can also present people who might otherwise not naturally easily become parents with a beautiful opportunity. Check it out here . I congratulate and wish Ricky and his new family all of the best (and miss him shakin' those bon bons too!).

7. I finished some aprons for two lovely ladies in my family. Matching mother and daughter aprons in fact. Whilst I am rather (very!!) over the spotty fabric I do think they came up pretty well - I am fairly sure one of my models did not agree!

The very kind and funky Big Cat passed on the Brilliante award! Thank you - I am glad that you enjoy (put up with) my navel gazing!

For passing the awards on, well, those who passed the awards onto me are the top three who I would pass the awards onto myself! I will leave it to those others who read, and whose blogs I read, to take from these awards what you will and share things of happiness and joy to you with us!

Enjoy your Friday!


CurlyPops said...

What a great happy post! So glad things are working out well with the return to work. The bibs and aprons are fab...Love the modelling photo (someone obviously wasn't very happy)!
Hear hear for the surrogacy success...there are many of us in the world who can't have children naturally and these things should not be illegal.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

The nappy cakes sound excellent - if you make them again, you'll have to post a pic.

And I do love your apron models!

Juddie said...

Hey congratulations on all those awards, and on finding lots of happy things to write about.

I thought I just had to tell you that the title of your post made me grin like crazy - I haven't heard that saying for years and years, although I used to love it as a child. It's super cheesy and I think I'm going to resurrect it in my own vernacular!