Monday, July 14, 2008

One man's trash is this lady's treasure

I had to run some errands today and in doing so stumbled across the fact that hard rubbish collection is on in one of the leafier suburbs near my home. On this warm sunny day helpfully Little B fell asleep in the car which gave me time to have a drive around to see what was on offer and I was not disappointed...

The following items leaped into my car on the way home:

2 directors chairs nearly new

2 little persons outdoor chairs (those plastic ones, I usually strongly dislike anything like them but I felt ok about taking them as I was recycling after all)

A little table to go with the chairs.

2 plastic containers on wheels with lids which will do beautifully to store my sewing bits and pieces.

1 outdoor blind with all fittings in mint condition which we will be using to shield the heat from the back door of the shed (which is north facing into our backyard and which may become a studio space in the nearish future if my next hairbrained scheme gets off the ground!)

I have decided I must carry some tools in my car so that I can be ready at a moment's notice to dismantle things!


CurlyPops said...

Wow you scored some great stuff...I love it when it's hard rubbish collection time, I drive really slowly around all the streets looking for the good stuff....funny!

BigCat said...

Great score. I love hard rubbish.

Lisa said...

Wow. What a great haul.

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

Isn't it amazing all the perfectly good items people throw away?!