Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On my desk...

I cannot believe it is Wednesday again!

A few things happening on my desk today, I started another smock this one for my little friend Emily. Emily's mum Amanda is due to give birth to Emily's new sibling to be any day now and I like the idea of having a pressie to take for Emily as well as mum and bub so she does not feel left out! I am lining the smock with terry towelling to increase absorbancy, Barry and his stretchy stitching have been very kind to me so far. Although I am sure it also has something to do with the song swilling in my head, Silverchair's Straight Lines of which I have adapted the chorus lyrics to " Come on Barry make it easier, sewing in a straight line, slow and steady through the feeder, everything will be fine..." Sad I know.

In a fit of madness late last week I signed up to ride the 100km leg of Around the Bay in a Day on 19 October. A nice ride for a good cause - the Smith Family. Fear has motivated me to start some serious training so the heart rate monitor and drink bottle have been my companions during my early morning jaunts to the gym.

The elephant pic is actually a leather carving which Mr B and I picked up in Thailand in 2003, it had been hiding in a cupboard which I rearranged to fit in my growing fabric stash - I think it will be nice to have him framed and hung somewhere as a reminder of our travels.

Oh and yes, the half eaten cheese and tomato sauce toasty on Finding Nemo plate. Comfort food at its best when the larder is otherwise empty. Little B has endured his first serious fever over the last 24 hours- whilst the worst is over for him (yay) I am feeling a bit worse for wear! I did not even realise I had served the sandwich up on Nemo's head until I uploaded the photo!

Finally for those sewers out there check out Krista's brainchild site Zigzaggers, a site set up for reviewing sewing machines by sewers. Sadly I only came to this site after acquiring Barry but think it is a great idea. If you have a machine that you love, hate or feel indifferent about please contact Krista with your review - your contribution will help us newbie sewers try and get a machine to suit our purposes. If nothing else check out McKenna Linn's review of the funky greenElna model number 1 aka the Grasshopper. Very cool machine. Always makes me think of the old Kung Fu series - "ahhh grasshopper..." Every time. Happy Wednesday!


CurlyPops said...

I like how your desk faces towards the window so you can have a lovely view while you're sewing.

BigCat said...

I'm with Curlypops. It's nice being able to look out the window.